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In Sequence, Andrea Remus and Thomas Charon are trapped inside the Pandora Complex, a phenomena which causes thoughts to travel from one memory to the next as they are downloaded into the Pandora system. Each download causes Andrea and Thomas to feel as though they are reliving their memories for the first time. As they increase contact with Pandora, their minds become trapped in the past. Will Andrea and Thomas regain their full memories? What dangers will they encounter as their intense visits to the past cause a stunning affect? The riveting Sequence questions our reality, while taking the reader on a remarkable journey into the mind.

Sequence has won numerous national awards. It has won the Next Generation Indie Book Award, NABE Pinnacle Achievement Book Award, The San Francisco Book Festival, and the Beach Book Festival.

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Chronicles of the Last Liturian Book One: The Diary of Oliver Lee

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The Diary of Oliver Lee tells the tale of the last Liturian, cursed and blessed with the ability to stream stories from the minds of others and tell the tales they can’t. As a young boy, Kevin is pulled toward a mysterious used bookstore that only he seems able to see. He enters and meets an eccentric sales clerk who gives him the diary of a man named Oliver Lee. The boy takes the book home and reads of the old man’s lifelong search for a couple he has never met, as well as his journey through the lives of the fantastic and the ordinary to find and save their lives. After he finishes reading the diary, the boy races back to the bookstore, but finds that it is now empty. Begin the chronicle and understand the mystery, the lies, and the truth of Oliver Lee in this unforgettable, puzzling fantasy novel, which is the first book in the Liturian trilogy.
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Chronicles of the Last Liturian Book Two: Love and Fear

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Years have passed since Kevin first read the diary of Oliver Lee in book one of the series. The used bookstore still stands where he was given the diary by an eccentric sales clerk who then vanished, and now a little girl named Alex has wandered through its doors.

Mystified by tales her grandmother told her of her best friend, Kevin, who vanished after reading about Oliver Lee, Alex enters the abandoned bookstore and finds the same journal. After taking it home, her grandmother, GG, is furious that she broke into the store.

The story takes place as race relations and riots erupt over the summer of 1964. GG tells Alex the stories she read about Oliver Lee were fake and that he didn’t really exist. But when Alex leaves, GG begins to read the journal Alex found in Antique Books and realizes it’s the same diary from her past.

She finds Kevin has added the story of how he met GG, his ability to hear the music of crimson leaves as they sprout from the white oak near the school, and his search for Oliver Lee that can save two innocent people he believes will die if he doesn’t act.

As GG and Alex get sucked into Kevin’s world, Kevin explains his newfound ability to “stream” stories while searching for answers about Oliver Lee, Antique Books, and the deaths of the couple he’s trying to save. Is Kevin transforming into the living myth of Oliver Lee?
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Chronicles of the Last Liturian Book Three: Infinite Truths and Impossible Lies

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The third and final book in the trilogy, Chronicles of the Last Liturian - Book Three: Infinite Truths & Impossible Lies, answers questions about fate, and the choice between love over fear. In book one, Kevin enters Antique Books, discovering the diary of Oliver Lee. After taking it home to read, Kevin learns of Oliver Lee's ability to Stream stories and his search for a loving interracial couple to return the story he Streamed from their loving encounter.

In book two, a young girl, Alex, enters Antique Books in the 1960s and finds the story of Kevin, his search for Oliver Lee, and answers to Kevin's possible connection to her. Her grandmother, GG, reveals how she knew Kevin as a boy, when she was called Jennifer. Book three introduces Spero, the granddaughter of Alex, and the daughter of a loving interracial couple, Kevin and Jennifer. The past is finally revealed about Oliver Lee and the lies he told to save Kevin, Jennifer, Spero, and others. Their Streamed stories unveil the relationship between a young black man, Ollie, and an ambitious young white woman named Erica. Following the Civil War, Antique Books is just being built. Erica is the owner and Ollie is her sales clerk. The young man seems odd and mysterious. His captivating stories speak of a future yet to come. Although Erica is engaged to be married, she yearns for Ollie and a future that can never be.
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Writing in the Margins

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In Writing in the Margins, the lives of Jack Mueller and John Rubaker unknowingly intertwine through the juxtaposition of fiction and reality. Both write in journals as a type of therapy; Jack needs to understand the unwanted changes in his life, and John grapples with his inadequacies and depression. The journal entries change from a healing mechanism to nothing short of miraculous. Suddenly, wishes written down come true. Words create reality. Words create life changes. In a twist reminiscent of Walter Mitty, the characters live in medieval times, the Elizabethan era, and in the 1920s. Extraordinary twists and turns take the reader on an unforgettable adventure of the mind. This intriguing tale blurs the boundaries of fiction and reality, and asks the reader whether one is better than the other.

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Thoughts in Italics

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From the attic to garage sales, the past to the present, and from the supernatural to the normal, Thoughts in Italics is a world of convention and innovation that takes you from the reality you know to a land you wish existed or dare not dream. This collection of short stories will take you to the past, propel you to the future, or allow you to stay in the world to which you have grown accustomed. The impossible seems like an everyday occurrence. These stories will lead you into a world of wonder that can only be reached through the magic of words and depths of the human imagination.